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-Arte: parola, suono, colore




-Il risultato della creazione

-The result of the creation

-Villa Castelbarco Albani

-Barocco Leccese

-Body and Soul Salvador da Bahia

-Premio Scarpa

-Storia dell'Arte

-Arte Cinese

-Arte Giapponese

-Arte Indiana

-Arte Precolombiana

-metodi di costruzione

-I Classici della Letteratura


-Casa del Boccaccio

-Ente Nazionale Giovanni Boccaccio

-Poetica Boccaccesca


-Boccaccio Padre della Prosa Volgare



-Vita Nova

-Divina Commedia


-Poetica Petrarchesca



Associazione De Nittis

-Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini


Castello di Genazzano

-Storia del Castello

-Il restauro



-Studio Tadolini

-Storia dello Studio

-Immagini dello Studio


-Magie d’ambra


-Apparenze mediterranee

-Centro Artistico Atellano

-Santa Marta

-Albano villaggio preistorico

-Alterazioni Video

-Intervista a Marco Berchi

-Intervista a Roberto Luciani

-Vetrina Italia

-Villa Adriana




the result of the creation of the artist-craftsman

versione italiana

Art is a tiny short word expressing the most titanic among the human being creations. In the effective reality of things there aren’t any corresponding to such a noun, and the reason why is explained because the noun itself couldn’t exist if not manifested, by concretizing a material body, with the high ability of the physical result of the creation of the artist-craftsman. In order to have an esthetic sense the art must not necessarily be the simple reproduction of what is considered the stereotype of beauty. This is because the meaning of beauty is always tie to a judgment which is too personal subjective, therefore it cannot objectively be represented although it is very rewarding for the observers’ eyes. The artistic-creative messages come to us from they who those arts-crafts have created; therefore the eye is no longer the simple observer but it becomes analyzer, metabolic-digester up to become also the elaboration itself of an own personal expression by starting from the personal impression got from they who in that of their own personal, specific ways. made us perceive them.

The characters responsible for such creations, have generously given us, in past times and also currently, some creations in front of which everybody, in spite of our different unique sensitiveness, we all must, can and desire be placed at least once in our lives. Of course artistic creation are expressed in all of the human knowledge and capabilities or abilities so that they are classified under the following expressions: 1) figurative expressions: a) painting, b) sculpture, c) architecture; 2) performances: a) theatre, b) poetry, c) music, d) dance. From the beginning of times the aspiring authors of artistic creations desire to propose reality which can be lived eater in the external world like all of the things which can be touched therefore concrete, and in the internal one, which is the one of the sentiments which, although cannot be materially touched, are in the same way if not more, concrete.

Let us deal now with the items (subjects) listed under point 1) : a) painting, b) sculpture, c) architecture.